He headed straight up the stairs, by passing reception and magda. She was learning English now, had wanted him to help her, he’d promised her he would, when he’d time. Millions died daily needlessly, mostly children too. Less people, longer the earth survives assumed harry, assuming again, that, some peoples think only of themselves, solely not soulfully. Polish cookies were now standard on the side table along with a bucket of ice. She was leaving him notes. The one he was reading that moment, put him on notice so to speak. She’d an inklish klass exam coming near, and she needed magda xxxxx. Pressure, we’re all under pressure of a kind. She’d got this far he thought, as he switched the beast to life. Pakistan was testing a new nuclear warhead announced the views reader on TV. Indian politicians promise to react. Wonderful stuff sighed harry. They can’t feed themselves, but know how to blow the shit out of each other. If god had a bad day before, he was having another withering one before the eyes of the world. Threats and more threats, voice over military displays or parades, we’ve got more bombs than you. Instability in the east, moving south now, a flotilla of news hounds in pursuit. He’d seen the current chick in Damascus the previous week. She was into dangerous sports. Her make up looked perfect, like the other week. Senior reporting staff had been moved to the Syrian capital to cover all the moves and the news of course, announced the CNN. News chief’s for some major networks had to be spies figured harry, pressure for sure.

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