Women’s Day

Early rise, a little preparation, there are others to consider, the gift, nurture, the womb we all descend from. Always others, always aware of the risks, you need a good start, how we need to support mothers. There will always be issues, but that’s for everyone. Mothers day, women’s day, why is it that women dread wars the most, while men usually made those decisions to go to war. In a nutshell, when the smoke is gone, while the crumbling buildings are being refashioned, it’s the women who have most to fear. All that testosterone, where does it go. If only there was more consideration of women, a grand thought. Even at the pivotal moments in time, women, the savior on the cross, He didn’t look down on them like they were some possession. In fact, stated clearly, equality of the sexes.

A new understanding of our role on the planet, international women’s day makes this point. A good start is half the battle, the first years, position the child for a bright future, as they learn their role. Boys and girls, their relationship with their mother, the most important relationship they will ever have, it will leave scars or tears, maybe both. So why the misogynist mindset, particularly when so many souls, claim to be believers in the Most High God. Ever go to a party where there was only one sex in the room, the heaviness that sets in, then the lightness you encounter, when you are among a mixed sex environment, or free from the tyranny of one set of opinions.

It’s not one or the other as many wish it to be. Dictators think that way. Hopefully, the changing global environment and it’s recovery too, if time allows, will bring about a more balanced mindset, amen.

The Real Tuam Gang

Solomon sighed, the old man passed on, the great reacher, a man endowed with the Holy Spirit, a man who encouraged all to view decisions from the point of view of Jesus, the great teacher, whose words have never failed the test of real humanity. Enda McDonagh, a Tuam man, pronounced choom, in other words, the real choom gang, amen.

Why did it matter, why do fields produce good crops; the effort of the farmer. Why do certain places, get a name for producing good sportsmen, some say it’s the diet, the attitude, why do some places produce produce inspired Spirits. Solomon recalled the great love shown to him,from a Tuam man of course.

All the Faiths, offer us Jesus in many different ways, but how many of them, are true, can you do the dance of faith, are they words, or do the actions, contradict Jesus. As Jesus referred to Isaiah, a prophet from a long time ago, and since we live in times of revelation, does anyone think they can fool God, Enda McDonagh,didn’t think so, amen.