Three Years Old

Every politician, every public figure, every spiritual leader, most people, all mothers too, the environment children grow up in, is of paramount importance, so they claim. Claim to believe in God too, we claim a lot of things, we claim to be smart, brighter than previous generations, but can anyone claim to be smarter than a three year old, very few of them.

Why are they fighting on the TV Ma, the little boy asks. Mammy shrugs her shoulders, she wants to turn the TV off, but that will be taken as a move, and young Jack, will take the hint, by doing nothing, she leaves room for discussion. Jack, or Sarah understand, they are three years of age, and they know that shouting only gets you in trouble, unless its on TV.

Jack cleans his teeth, still wonders, unanswered questions, why can’t adults explain their addiction to TV. As for the weird stuff they come across on the new highway, only re-enforces their beliefs, most adults are crazy, who wouldn’t want to rebel,amen, and the adults wonder why?

Lets close the deal, where do they teach all the bias and hatred in the world, usually in the Home.


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