Reach out to me……

The world is on the brink, we are at a loss, confused, earthquakes, talks of volcanoes, disturbed leaders, so that’s the world, while the Catholic Organisation tries to control what exactly, Jesus didn’t recommend tyranny of any kind, regardless of excuses. Lady Gaga’s little pooches go missing,her little friends, to some, an indulgence, but then again, who are our friends. A reward is offered, it hurts when you lose those close to you by malfeasance, intentional harm, accidents are easier to accept. But the malice in the heart of another,leads to mayhem and so much harm, yet these are the qualities Donald Trump espoused, while leaving so many in a state of great distress. How would a reporter put it; ripe for enlightenment, just as Leonard Cohen sang about, we are at the gates of a new world, amen.

Hours later,Gaga has her legions of followers sending in emails, about pouty french pouches, which each one of her staff have to verify, regardless of cost. When you lose A friend,it’s fine to search Heaven and earth it, amen.

Jesus’s words on betrayal come to mind, to malign or harm the Holy Spirit, is the unforgivable crime in the eyes of Jesus, amen. Lady Gaga hope you get you smile back,,,


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