Stand with Grassy Narrows July 29-31

one little protest, one mighty consequence, the story is the story of our lives, do we pass on it, and wait for the next to happen?

The Harbinger

Join Idle No More in Toronto on July 29th – 31st, as we stand with Grassy Narrows to bring attention to their continuous struggle for clean water, and their inherent right to protect it. The mercury discovered in the fish has poisoned and destroyed their main staple diet as well as their primary source of revenue. The devastation of Grassy Narrows continues to this day with clear cutting and the termination policies of the Canadian state, which result in the loss of  traditional lands and waterways. Canadian policies and legislation regarding Indigenous lands that backs the oil industry will adversely affect our communities from coast to coast.

The Anishinaabe of Grassy Narrows live everyday with the devastation that mercury poisoning has done to their land, food, water and most importantly, their bodies.

Grassy Narrows River Run 2014

Steve-Fobister-SR-Grassy-Narrows.jpgFormer Grassy Narrows Chief Steve Fobister Sr. is on hunger strike to call…

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