Trust Me

Small, enquiring, inquisitive, little eyes peering out, darts left and right, doesn’t feel hatred, never encountered bias, just feels loved, mischievous and curious, the way a little boy should, amazed by your smile, wants to play all the time, plays with the water, imitates what he sees, brushes his teeth, looks approvingly into your eyes, reaches for your arms, never has to fear, God looking on, the way life ought to be, well, I lived that occasionally, wept tears of total joy, couldn’t believe it, the way children affect us, when we allow them to grow lovingly, and without any fear, purely amazing, greatest drug there is, Love. When you see stars in the eyes of a child, you begin to realise the wonders of God, how such emotion can be created, and it’s so simple to do, when you shelve your personal interests, for the interest of Love, amen. You wont do it alone, even if your alone, the mighty God sends helpers, they will make their presence felt, but the moment you cross that river, which parents in particular understand, which mothers will get, is that your children are the ones that matter, and who but God Most High proved it the best, when he sent along Jesus, and the lessons he left us. When we understand him, we understand love, something that we all have to learn. Your higher regions work when your thinking of others, it’s why mothers have that extra bit of love, cause their toll is greater, and so is their reward. I’m just a man, boy do I have a lot to learn, amen. A man who admits that women are the tops, wont try to sexualise them, abuse them, put them down or control them. Things you learn along the route of life, make sure you keep on learning and loving, that way your life will never end, believe me!

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