Fading Situations


Fading situations

forgotten victims of conflict,
why should we matter,
always the same result,
from the streets of London,
New York to New Delhi,
buy a woman everyone,
commodity makes trade,
there are so many,
makes them disposable too,
sexualise them fight over them,
control or patronise them,
lot of trading goes on,
with women and children,
shipped to the bordellos,
a man needs his service,
organisation wants your cash,
steal them deceive them,
naked or just confuse them,
desperate and vulnerable,
young easy to victimise,
100,000 refuges show up,
another orange juice honey,
get me a coffee as well,
forget that life is a gift,
was the intention of it,
a long time ago,
putting words on a scene,
a fading situation they say,


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