Our Colour

Colour of love

It there a shade, a hue, a specific colour, is love colour blind, is love supposed to be blind, why was Moses, Abraham chosen, St.Paul, what was there to it, why the multiple religions, all supporting and praising the One God, what about the other prophets, Joan of Arc, men or women, they were all chosen by God, why the discrimination then, between men and women, if forgiveness is a prerequisite in achieving God’s Grace and intervention, why the hostility then, who pushes the agenda of hate and mistrust, why is there so much written about Love’s failures, is there something going on we don’t have a clue about, why was the water turned into wine, in order that we throw it away, if every plant is supplied for a reason, why the obstinate rules, do we blame God for our failures, what was meant by free will, does anyone understand it. There are so many rules and regulations that are contrary, against God’s will, it’s written in the Holy Scriptures. You don’t suppose the wisdom of God stopped over a thousand years ago. It’s given to us every living day, the colour of our understanding of God needs to change, we are supposed to be using all the wisdom given, not selecting the bits that suit us, or help us control the loves of others. We are at the time in all creation, when a common book of prayer is not just a wise idea, but just might provide us with paradise on earth, amen, what’s the colour of that? If you chose to be deceived, who are you going to blame, when you are aware of the abuse of women children boys and men, and everyone is, and don’t do anything about it, there is no point pretending you didn’t know, it’s everywhereIMG_5757, amen.

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