Uniting the Forces of Good

“they say the power of words can change everything, you wife wants a divorce, convinced by the power of words yet” self


Single greatest and most significant action worth undertaking, uniting the forces of God on earth, easily if you believe in the power of God, and not in your own glory. Gandhi managed it in India, peacefully. Others have tried, many have been discouraged, for trying to do good, can you imagine it, attempting to bring people together for the common good is not in the interests of those who seek the opposite. With the earth facing an environmental melt down, ignoring the economic crashes ongoing, the civil unrest, the huge numbers unemployed, the billion or more who live on a dollars a day, the eternally hungry, another cause, how can we avert a total meltdown of society, and put the world back on an even footing, not the current situation, where less than two per cent of the world’s population, decide the fate of the rest of us, well they used to, things are going to change, the self serving elite I can assure you all, God Most High, has heard it from the grapevine, the harvest to date has been a disaster, new thinking new outlook, new world order guaranteed, of this no doubt. I passed the bribe test, and many others too, I know the power of God, have experienced it quite a bit, and once you act in faith and love, and your deeds reflect this, God Most High and his elect, will not let you down, my own long list of real time super natural happenings, can confirm all this, you just have to believe, and not become like so many, who use fear to turn away from effort and assistance to those in need, basically allowing yourself to become a stranger in your own life.

Every religion out there that believes in the one true God, not in a being of human dimension, that’s the devils worshipping brigade, and money worshippers fall into that bracket as well, sorry if your hurt, I don’t lie or invent, I just pass on the wisdom I acquire, despite the odds as a friend of mine once wrote, a long long time ago. But, how many varieties of God believers, all doing their thing,  building up the numbers, clapping themselves on the back, for stealing worshippers from other God fearing religions, it’s like stealing from yourself as they say. We have more, we are great, more of what, what did you actually achieve, did you improve the standard of hope on earth, change the prospects for children, did you stamp out slavery, do you make peace with those that declare war on hope, are you afraid to speak the truth as they say, the list is long, but it’s time we all started singing from the same song sheet, lalalalalal, can’t be done I hear you say, rather foolish to think it can be done, I have faced so much criticism it no longer bothers me, I’m poor so I don’t have a whole lot of personal goods, so give me the satisfaction of listening before you deride me. He’s poor, forget him, hahaha, well I’m not poor in the eyes of God, and he’s 100% behind me, this is  a call from the good book actually, how you are all going to be judged, by God Most High and his appointed elect, so it’s worth thinking about the issue. Well, heaven is real, and it doesn’t pay a pension, and it’s lasting, but admittance is limited, reserved as they say in fine restaurants.

The reason I write this, is not to curb your interest in yourself, but to develop a senses of awareness in the fate that you must face, we all face, and this is my two pence effort to come up with a few suggestions, that might help us all, and give us the Hollywood style ending we’d like, and not the dante’s inferno or worse version that is readily available as things stand. Hahahaha you are joking, this guy is on something, he needs help, call the psychiatrist, call the doctor, I had the doctor called more than once, and when I say called, it was the end of me, body crushed by very large truck, top to toe, everything damaged, parts removed, every vital organ bypassed, every scar just out of sight, except the large one up my chest, so I know what I am talking about, and will quickly demolish any argument out there, with relish and fast. So lets get on with the important question, how can we stop fighting among ourselves, all of us who believe in the great prophets and the Lord Jesus Christ, all the religions in fact, and get focused as they say, and so end the suffering and misery of many billions worldwide while bringing great glory to God, while saving us from extinction as well. A win win win situation, as they say on wall street silicon valley and elsewhere, where the losers are only the bad guys too, can it get better. A better life for the grand children too, worth trying to do. Before you do something, you must come up with a plan, a simple one. Contactgod.net is mine, what is yours, amen.Image


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