Love twenty first century style

the beginning, a lot has changed since, we no longer live in the desert, our roads are not dirt, even if our habits are sometimes, donkeys haven’t replaced cars, women are better educated, they can vote, and men, still blame women, just like eve, do they ever take responsibility, there is the mammy, children, fruits of the love tree, as it was meant to be, the creation of one through love alone, now we live in boutique world, lobby groups can get you what you want, everyone has a price it seems, you just need to sue, so what about men being the owners of women, and men of God being without a wife, and the argument of old being, less distraction the more time you have to work for God, and what was God then, ruler of the heavens and earth, great merciful God of all mankind, but what is god, if we are to believe the lord Jesus, and the example of life in it’s best form, God is simply love, and love is not a boundary, love is not a material condition, love is not a conditional thing, love is not jealous otherwise it can’t grow, it’s not bankable as you can’t save it, it’s the function of heart, simply put, you create love, to share it with others, full stop. So if we are to share the love we are created with, and to make the love that we are to share with others, it’s common sense to understand this vital and purely loving point, if you don’t know what love is you can’t make it or pass it on, and putting the interest of children first is true love, you can imitate it, fashion it, adapt it, twist it tweak it, or facebook it, but at the end of the day, in order to share love, you have to recreate the love you were born with, develop it deeply and pass it on, in other words, in the world we live in, if you don’t know love intimately you’ll only pass on a third party version of it, sounds too simple I’d say, and who makes love sound the greatest and best feeling in the world, encompassing joy along with it, it’s this: children reared with love. So those who suggest that men without children make the best servants of God, need to rethink their opinions. It’s only wisdom speaking, and all wisdom comes from one source. Men do not have to travel for days anymore to get from A to B, and from any part of the world you can be there and back within a couple of days, so to all those out there, new thinking required everywhere.


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