Just Wisdom

I don’t need indoctrination any form of misinformation, call it distraction, I don’t need to pretend that one day someone will come along when everything will be made right, I’m not the child that needs resuscitation, who waited for false inspiration, the gobbled news carriers sweet suggestion, all they do is delay our moment of escape as we wait like we always wait, for that final determination from God, we were told to believe in the faith that took centuries to secure because of the hyperventilating of those masses of people so called political types  who sold out position like those wall street finance cheaters, how can they sleep while the world heads to oblivion, and what will I tell my children, the truth is their compensation, I am a father a brother a teacher a communicator, I deal with the evil that is overcoming civilization and I can’t afford to wait much longer, and this is just an introduction, my petition of sorts and it’s the first of many of that I am certain…


God answered my call, with wisdom I asked, he told me of the written works of thousand year old dispositions, the myriad of beliefs that grew up, nearly all from confrontation, when all he ever asked for was love, we responded with power and a fierce determination to overcome other nations without mercy or any such emotion, placing our faith in similar type situations, when war was met with war, hatred grew out of all this misinformation, and today we are united he says, not by love as was his only and persistent call, but by the fear of self immolation. Blessings he stored for us like a farmer for future exploitation, originally given for our own determination, and as such he could not let out the gifts in the manner that he planned, because the Good hearts became like much sought after wine, nowhere to be found and outside the reach of us, who were more interested in our personal reputations, self made to self we prayed, for the poor and hungry of the world can offer proof of this total degeneration of so much of the entire, of the so called human civilization. Many were sent, hope joy opportunity and blessings in magnificent amounts, all betrayed by those in political office or such, trusted by these self same cultured nations. If I work through the heart he said and the heart cannot be trusted anymore, there is nothing I can do about it, as the heart is my only form of communication. So, before you dwell in pity, bitterness or fear, don’t you ever ask yourself what you did, to bring about this atrocious complication, nothing I suppose like so many in whom the gift of life was given, is one billion to one not good enough for you, before you thought you could overcome all that was divine for some other interpretation…..



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