Little Friend

The miracle of your birth, so soon forgotten. You become part of the laundry, something that has to be dealt with. I saw you take your first steps, the look in your eyes, the wonder you felt. It was a gift you gave me. To be able to watch your personality come to life. The habits you gathered, the little twists of the head, am I doing this right. So many times, i wondered, will this world ever wake up, and think, to imagine those eyes, being polluted, that early wonder ignored, while those that take advantage of the vulnerable, have their way. Many times I had to be silent, I had to be a witness, for a witness for God I am, amen.

Solomon sighed; how beauty is so easily tarnished while those in positions of responsibility think only of their reputations. Little friends, take heart, The God that made everything good is watching so closely, amen.