The Indians noticed first, the water didn’t taste the same, wasn’t sweet water, left a bitter taste. The traced it to the white man, the promises and the lies, they said they would preserve the Indian nations,

They lied at every turn. They are killing us, the young chief said, his father having grown old, with their treachery and lies. Our people are sick, children get ill, the same happened when Cortes landed on the America’s, brought so much disease, so many died. A repeating performance despite all the assurance, the same set of lies, the same set of assurances, the story is told over and over.

The modern day lie, the half truths and malicious lies they pour into concerned heads, harming the Great Spirit, again and again. The voices cry out, Dear Father can’t you act to stop this. The prayers are heard, the tactics revealed, the same Topsy turvy efforts to unhinge, Solomon sighed, it will be solved soon, amen.

The light from Heaven is nothing short of a warning, and our continued efforts of pollution, lessen our chances.

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