A Great light in the world

Be like the Father that loves you, not like the hate that consumes you, Isaiah heard the voice of God, and Jesus announced his mission with words from the same prophet. Voices today call out for revenge, fault finding, popular opinion, the loud applause, while streets burn, others join in, the politically correct, this is an opportunity to increase our support numbers, getting into this hate is good for us, our ratings can only increase. Using the suffering of others, to justify what, if there is a cause that hurts, why the silence on the hundreds of millions of children with access to the adult web, why the silence from so many caring minds. God judges everyone fairly, and Jesus tells us to endure, for a great victory awaits all those, faithful to the end.

The corona virus, while a threat to mankind ,was also the firebreak in a crazy world that was deluding itself. The extinction of nature, the end off all mankind, while fools vow for the attention of others, with nothing more than power on their minds. Solomon saw the cloud and so much more, his prayers like Isaiah, heard. If we don’t seize this moment in time to amend our lives, re direct our lives, we will have an eternity to regret it, amen.

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