What a friend to many, his music and Spirit very much alive, amen. Now Leonard tells us of the changes he feels will come, so much so, he is forced out of retirement by his accountant to robbed him, little did Leonard understand, his career was on a break. Life savings and pension pot stolen, Leonard does his thing, and his music is given a work over, rhythms tighter, he becomes even more respected when his second coming goes on show. Many great friendships were forged by those who listen to His music.

Haven’t been this happy since the end of world war two, great lyric, he is pointing to a time, when the great change will come; Solomon sighed, it must have been a bummer for those who spent the last days of the second great war, trying to enrich themselves, only to find thew currency worthless soon after, is that the feeling we want to live with, amen

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