Fearless Days

Troubled souls wander the streets,

going place to place where  all meet,

sit down and smile loafer  around,

addiction and contradiction aimless lives

be home in time for dinner,

the schedule says its gym time at eleven

meandering to laid out plans friends made,

unable to have an honest thought

afraid to start afraid to learn,

addiction is an emptiness for sure

don’t be put off your not on your own,

what the evil doers depend upon,

they want you to become alone

trapped in a cycle that is controllable

God Most High has been seen in the sky

we have the proof no need for fear,

this is the reason why,

young, tender, whatever,

you became addicted not by choice

by experience or emotion that was missing

time allowed  not given to you,

no time to dwell on your needs

 perhaps afraid to bring attention

perhaps you were forced to lie

put your faith in God Most High

love is his the reason we are here

 the other stuff work of the evil doers

say goodbye to the fear holding you


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