The Right

Permission to love,

the right to share,

a right to care,

opportunity of a lifetime,

you are born this way

nestles in your soul,  

like a young plant,

needs constant nurture,

watered it’s life given,

something you have to do,

stop putting barriers up,

fences that you build,

why hide your love,

can’t use money to imitate it,

can’t you create an impregnable fortress to keep it,

you don’t measure it,

left free can reach  the sky,

has for so many  worldwide,  

even those  hearts trampled on,

even the souls  laid bare.


Coldness and contempt for love,

an acquired mental condition,

the control of love,

it doesn’t grow,

unconditional, choice of the evil minded,

concentrate  efforts on the weak and the poor,

 proven again and again,

so many war torn relationships,

way the emotions are targeted,  

every woman knows, their children,

wicked schemes and horror scenes,

burn your baggage,

everyone has some,

use your rights,

use them today,

don’t be afraid,

change your life forever,

and always remember,

everyone climbs the mountain,

they do it their own way,

use the right today,


1 thought on “The Right

  1. sometimes when you scatter love in some places of this world you feel like throwing pearls in a pigpen, you do it for some time, then you get bored and move on to other spheres, to spheres where love is reciprocated- nature, God for example. Then human beings of your surrounding start to suffer from the complex that you dont love, or are incapable of that feeling 🙂

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