manufacturing hate

The holy spirit is being poured out, going every where, witnessed by  miracles, proof of God Most High,  his majestic powers, for the glory of all, and peace on earth, the will of our creator, his way of lifting us up. A casual read of the newspapers, the last three years, provides accurate proof of this, the plane landings, the repeating numbers, turnaround storms, the numerous miracle events, sightings in the sky, it’s coming from the clouds, and best of all, the man in the sky, has returned, our heavenly creator, it’s real, we have the actual proof of all this. The unity of faith in God Most High, will be the final instalment of divine intention, religions of the east and west, will agree on a single prayer,  ignite love and breakdown prejudice everywhere.  Islam and Christianity are two versions of the same thing, worship of God Most High, even if political mentalities try to prove otherwise. The holy scriptures of religions will converge, all scripture comes from God Most High. They will amalgamate  the prophets of our times, as God Most High has been forming scripture in all sorts of fields, in song, words, art, and poetry. All for one and one for all, God does not stop helping, he’s working daily,  it’s our loss of trust in those who lead us, politicians mostly, the sexualisation of women and children, the creation of societies that value people according to  wealth status,  destroyed our faith, nothing else. There is no war between Islam and Christianity or Judaism,  been manufactured by the political classes and those intent on having power forever,ImageIgnite rejoice and pray with your heart, all this is happening, so says God Most High, and he never lies, amen.


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