The Scream


The Scream


Screams and roars it’s another goal,

supporters go crazy with glee,

they are in the best of company,

far away a small boy is distraught,

his life over his life complete, j

just seen his father butchered on the street,

he’s crying in despair wonders no more,

heart broken for ever more,

hates the world and what it stands for,

this is not a lament or complaint,

just the telling of an awful ugly secret,

woman and children flee in fear and desperation,

world leaders so called conscience of the world,

they are working on a plan,

the same one they worked on years ago,

same faces same reasons same conclusions,

the ball hits the net the crowd screams,

another child screams there’s blood around his feet,

but no one hears his cries of despair,

God Most High isn’t watching the football,

his mind is with the innocent victims elsewhere,

he’s wondering about all the talent given,

the times they are a changing and it’s clear,

time we put aside our pleasure pursuits,

and focused on  this terrible state of affairs,

one week of effort is all it will take,

if Mrs Merc Mr Obama The Sheiks wake up,

and put the foot down for the sake of that kid,

what a difference it would make everywhere,

when the world is in jeopardy  we pray,

we better show some mercy fast before it all disappears,

The picture of the man in the clouds,

is not a work of fiction, amen.


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