The Impostors, coming to a city near you….

Raise your class, give yourself a pat on the head, why have so many sat silent,  the children of the world are addicted,  the TV remote the play station the internet etc etc, did i forget the obvious, i’ll leave that to yourselves, and all this was  achieved with government supports, the expertise of  trusted psychologists,  and legions more, all too interested in the gold and silver, did they care or think,  would there be consequence or anything else,  they  drooled in the publicity, and the share options, and sailed off into the sunlight. Who is this, what is he saying, why bother speaking up. when you upset the heart, you raise the ire of the one who loves us all, and many small pals all voiceless, fodder as some call it, toe rags as the abusive call it, necessary victims in a world surging on process and progress, well God Most High doesn’t enjoy being hammered emotionally, by all this tripe and the words clinically used, to confuse and spin what are outrages against humanity, which has destroyed faith in all that is divine almost, where pure love was pushed to the edge of sanity, so you better watch out for great changes are afoot.

Whether you are Bill, Gates, Clinton or the dollar, whoever or members of that assorted coterie, who trawl the world trying to make amends, for the theft of so many resources, enough, explain your silence while the children of the world were totally sexualised, or are you too afraid to open your mouths safely, in case the camera might stare at you, preferring to preach your vision of the Gospels, controlling and consoling at the same time, the same way Spin Doctors have being used for centuries now,. To deceive and control by what you say, is the story of the man who is an impostor, so for all the voiceless, your day has come,  I suppose we can all plead ignorance, being sort of …..Imposters!


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