Masterpiece in the Sky

He looked up, another sky, beside the road,he is peeing away, outside town, there is a sense of mission and party inside him, he looks at the formation again above him, a visual of a throne, another one, to add to his growing collection. It’s been happening so regularly its no great surprise, the meaning of it, no different than the pope from the ends of the earth, no different from the stories he has been writing,a record of future events, he gets back in the car, wondered who he should consult on the matter,few actually believe, it’s too much for them, to think that all they collect will mean nothing in the end, even if they swear otherwise. A great vision, his hopes are high, this is the beginning of the great change, amen.

Who wants to visit a war zone, it takes a good constitution, the effort of those who toil each day, how far they are removed from the general world. It has to be done. He pulls into the kerb, takes a deep breath, he wonders what he will find. Those who fall down, as all the vulnerable know,are potential victims of those who prey on them, he enters the house. The smile,joy, hope, how sad it feels, to have to drive so far to see to a friend, when there are others minutes away who would never bother,that’s life.

He makes a cup of tea, tries to act normal, can’t get his head around it, they all play the responsible person outlook, but it’s all about themselves, hopefully they will learn. She explains the plans she has, there is optimism in her voice, she is becoming more cheerful, but she will fall into heartbreak, when he has to leave. If they saw that picture, the masterpiece in the sky; at least he as the picture of the men in the clouds, that arrived shortly after that, add in the flying spirit, the image of the 23rd pope too, and more, stuff the prophets of old never saw; he is in awe of his standing with the Most High God.

Tears and years later, they showed for the funeral, they praised her in death,but were not there in life; it reminds him of Jesus and the pharisee’s, there were similar words. Had the changes these last seven years gone unnoticed; he shakes his head, no one will ever forget them, same as that masterpiece in the sky.

Many parts of the planet were suffering the woes of sudden and unexpected changes, to be expected in a world undergoing change, amen.

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