The Cloud

Appeals to the people of the world, help needed, the rewards, eternal, how we treat others, compassion, do we try to cause disruption, what is the cost to the innocent, those they actually harm, are there consequences, AMEN. Truth, playing politics when the power of the ALMIGHTY is obvious, why do we bother to decorate the lie, why do we dare put God to the test, what do we expect in return, a blessing?

The appeals go out, there is chaos, confusion, people call for leadership, so many waiting on spiritual developments, does the help arrive?. Many signs, too many to mention arrive, consistently, to wake up the people, the hand of God, a warning and a blessing, even great results, even clouds. Are Spiritual leaders responsible for making their flock aware of the news, what else are they supposed to do, build a network, hardly?

Solomon sighed, apart from the usual interference, as casual as rain in winter, he recalls the day the cloud arrived, and the chain of events ever since, a great source of help for those who want to have their heart filled appeals to be heard, just pass it on, amen.

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