Without Love

The walls of secrecy have to fall, the interior one inside, the content of the mind, growth of the pornographic kind, hundreds of millions addicted, crunch time for humanities sake, Solomon was alarmed, the statistics beyond comprehension almost, faith in love had been replaced, by the image mentality, the picture from the sky should have sent alarm bells ringing,  was it time to coral porn online and everything adult, the soft talking was over, the reality of God Most High could not be denied, if there was a future it started now, a simple card was all that was needed, filling young heads with images that denied love, was having a dire affect on the health of billions, and the forecast in the future demanded immediate attention, madness had been normalised, it had to change, the future of love on earth demanded it, the picture in the sky, was not a simple image, was the proof many tried to deny, it pointed to the reality of time being of the essence. A step too far was all that was needed, a step back was what was needed, it was the interest of everyone that the situation was addressed, GoIMG_5757d Most High ruled supreme, the words of the prophets realised, the teachings of Jesus never more true, was the planet going to survive without love, no chance without it, amen.

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