What’s That Girl watching….

She’s watching, the mirror, never good enough, wants to look thinner, tired of being rejected, doesn’t try drugs, or other forms of escape, prefers honesty, if only I was thinner, the girls in the fashion magazine, miserable looking and thin, she wants to imitate them, wants clothes to hang loose, girls in the photographs, get all the good men, it’s psychological warfare, she can’t handle, been this way for years, everywhere she looks, even governments, have used these tactics, scaring into submission, doing it all sorts of ways, Solomon saw a sight, saddened him, wasn’t sad in himself, a friend of his, looking waif thin, with the angels all around, pure foolishness not to make the point, God Most High would hear, he’d ask wisdom to help,Support 2IMG_5757 with a prayer, amen.

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