The Imaginary World

Alice in wonderland, the stir of the mind, the wonder, where are we going next, the excitement. In fairy tales and myths, there is the path, and along the way, different dangers or places to be aware of, then the light figures, then the haven, the good place. The boy or girl listening to the story, safe in their surroundings, the minds following the action, the ending of the tale, a peaceful one, not one that leaves them with imagined threats. The reasons why we have levels of access, depending on age, to what is deemed suitable.

In the lesson, the imaginary world is safe, but when the imaginary world is portrayed in such a way, as to bring it to life, in the real world, how the anxiety levels in children, rise, and those dark characters, suddenly take hold, and that’s the imagination going off in the wrong direction.

As Aerial says to Ezekiel, an old testament prophet, our reasoning grows up with us. The older we become, the more reasoned it is assumed we become. To the now, the new awareness, the extreme thinkers, those that want to enforce their way of thought, and how they play on the imagined fears, something to be wary of.

Solomon sighed; The progress to be made, was in the sort of thoughts, the older ones carried, not the thoughts the younger ones had to deal with. Imagine King Solomon, having to decide, on where does the rehabilitation start, given the chance of a new world creation, how would he deal with the issue. Perhaps, it’s the paradox issue, it’s perhaps the Jesus issue, perhaps perhaps. In short talk, if those getting closer to the eternal gates, are those most likely to have to account for themselves in the now time, maybe the rehab, should be in pointing out to them, the ways to help themselves better ready, by making it their job, to return to the covenant, or covenant of sorts. Maybe those ceremonies, that they apply to children, should be revisited, and they the adults, have to go through them again, while leaving the children, their welfare, the job of the adult. Putting weight on the shoulders of the young when they are not able to carry the weight, is not wisdom.

it’s like getting a chance to resit the exam, after failing the first time, or the reason why prophets are sent, to remind all, of the Glory of God, and the eternal destiny, amen. After all, Jesus says, we have to be, re born in the Spirit, amen.


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