The Vatican

History, there to defend the words of old, believers in Jesus, not supposed to control, a soiled history if truth is told, so many cover ups, too many if they were to be believed, and now, 2021, signs from above, the beloved seeking directions, is there anything we can do?

Solomon sighed, it was written, and told again and again, there is nothing you can do to impress God, then you read the ancient texts, there is plenty you can do, it’s called living a good life. The prophets prayed for the deceased, yes, the fate of those gone before you, in a nutshell, your life can save another soul, even when they have passed on.

A new era, openness, understanding, new forms of media, a total explosion, everywhere you look, the modern world has turned it all around, revelations, numbers, more mention of men and women of God than there has been, for a long time.

So the Vatican, moving forward, is it not time to open up about hidden truths,amen.

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