Fashion, the habits you acquire, how others do it too, the influencers, celebrity wears yellow, the next week, more yellow on the street, influences, it used to be mainly money, but that has altered some, maybe there is more out there, career changes, the family feeling, time with those you care for, long time since you felt that, long time since your last drink.More quality time, even women are been given maternity leave as a right, children need time, now the fathers time is needed, they get time off too, to look after the new born, only right of course, we are fragile emotionally.

Real emotions, do we fake what we used to admire, do we grow old, laden down with health issues, who has time to think of anyone else, another funeral, more tears, after awhile the loss eases, what was that for, then a celebrity with esteemed reputation, and they are crying for weeks, not even related, but you claim ownership, well, it’s only right, their dreams yours too perhaps, you watched their career like they were your children, in a nutshell, you invested your emotions in a stranger, one you wanted to live eternally,then gone, the grief hard to overcome.

How did they do it, can you hear the wailing, the women crying silent tears, their Messiah on the cross, and the reaction of those nearest to Him, they only killed a prophet of God at the best anyway, and since, the number of wars fought trying to enforce what was based on eternal love, as if it would work.Then the emotional downturn, as hopes are beaten back, a descent into the emotional cavity.

Now, busy, over worked, stressed, any number of health risks, you will get reminders of them all, there is always another trying to profit from your fears, well insurance issues are growing, as if we had enough already, cyber security with a broker now, another reason for a sleepless night, are we safe,the thought next morning, another worry to add to the regular list, then a crazy world leader, who gladly incites, it’s better to share by the way,it makes you feel better, it wont turn you into a tiger and reckless lover, but it will bring inner calm, worth it you suppose.

Real emotion, how many times we see the figure first, we judge,was it really a terrorist act or was it random, another reason to worry, and we wonder why the spirit sinks, we just drown in with your stubborn natures, and then we wonder where our emotions went, or how we used them.

Why does our emotional heath matter so much, the question many ask, then the news story, the mad uttering of so called rational people, who when they lose, will cause mayhem, regardless of the affect it has on everyone else. And its on TV most nights, amen.

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