Sweet Talking Heads

Why, does this reflect the past, are we living in a dream, is this the world we signed up for, did we have a choice, questions in the head, the mask the strange shopping habits, it’s as if the roles of the world have been reversed, tasting new fruit, how can we explain it. Questions in these times, how long, where is it going, how did it come to pass, what was it that was done, have we learned anything, did we listen to the warning of the prophets.

Being cool was no use, clever answers even worse, are we here by gift, or by a one night stand, when your parents got excited, how can we come to terms with this. It will happen suddenly said Jesus, no one will know, be ready for it, don’t ignore the gifts from above. Blah blah blah, the words tossed out as if they have no meaning as if the day will never come, the so called intellectuals living off fine speeches while doing nothing.

In one part of the world, there was reverence for the words of God, their practice seen in the more liberal places, as sort of extreme, in the other part of the word, compassion and understanding, but less respect for the world, then there is the world of nature, where everything was under pressure, and the normal habits had to change, for those creatures involved, while the two sides of the believe zone, fought endlessly, while getting nowhere.

How can this last, why, where to next. Solomon sighed, many were looking for answers. The ancient prophet was told, when the numbers reach a certain point, the changes will come. What was he referring to, the mother of all questions. In a nutshell, Solomon imagined, it was the souls of those who had remained firm in their belief, who brought with them, the tale of their lives, who had stood against various tyrannies, when they reached a certain amount, they placed Love as the dominant feature in the human heart reborn, when the will of God was made manifest, and into this heart, we evolve. It was one way of explaining things.

To warrant divine help, it was wise to put matters of the heart ahead of personal ambition, amen.

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