Power The Connection

Interference in the environment of the heart, trouble on  your mind, the connection is loose, I have to move it around, damn, when things work easily, the stuff you miss, plain sailing, well, who wants to look at the same picture day and night, you have to keep moving, keep the Spirit alive, have you ever sat there and dreamed, felt the power of another heart run through your veins, then relax as the sun comes out, if that is not the ultimate feeling, how love can transform, and it’s instant, same time you see a face, and the memories come rushing back, you face lights up, the explosion of feeling, same way a flower reacts to the sunshine, the natural reflex, and they say that love is all you need, of course it is, when the world transforms, same way a light enters, when the bully is removed, the woman comes alive, the bully leaves the house, the children come alive the teacher is in the house, imagine, this sounds simple, but all of it is true, and where does this Spirit come from, where does it live, is it a far away place, is it over there, why do so many want us to simply shop, why, why the confusion, Jesus shook his head, the apostles were complaining, they saw the miracles, saw the Spirit rise, saw the glaze in the eyes and the sighs, damn it he says, it’s already inside you, you just have to get the connection right. Every mess around with a Christmas light, a shake here a shake there, and the tree becomes light.


And what is love you ask, this is the task inside us all, Solomon was reminding himself, great love and what it can do, he thought of the time, well, he was one who enjoyed great love then, and while he missed it, it was a memory that was alive as if it was now, love is real when it never fades. imagine the lengths Jesus went, to make this certain for us, space, inside you, fill it with what it right, don’t judge, and you will be amazed. Just the darn connection, it’s easier when you practice. amen.

Of course, wanting to put an end to injustice, the neighbor, reaching out, not comparing, there were many little bits you have to add to your character, not all at once, bit by bit, and then the jigsaw of your life becomes more complete, don’t start as if it’s a five furlong sprint

, think of the marathon runner, you have to endure, and don’t be put off, there are many who will give up, without reaching the top….


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