Cathars, hair and nails, it’s connected, all of it, the marrow, stuff were made of, it’s in your bones, the characteristics you pass on, DNA, more than you think, your every habits, bias’s you possess, bitterness you can’t forget, anger you feel, unwarranted  confidence, the calm,  wisdom you possess, faults are more complex, not impossible to correct, within a generation, once aware, you can weaken the influence, the reality of forgiveness, Solomon was putting words on the impending disaster that needed saying, our habits were killing, the memory of them, the learned habits, twenty years of sexual abuse, the last twenty years on earth, the excess’s and the effect on current generations, there needed to be a hiatus of some sort, a common resolve not a penal one, 70% internet traffic, it was becoming mixed into the DNA, passed on to children too….yellow4IMG_5757


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