We are sun children, open to light, we delight with brightness, mood rises

at sun caress’s, inside we fill with feeling, no longer rushing about, as we

absorb the energy given. Modern living, busy all the time, mentally materially

driven, to the point of exhaustion almost, what’s there to stare at, 

always seeing, bargains everywhere, price tags we adore, can afford that, how

much is that, measuring everything, comparing chasing, ignoring the sun, where we came from.

It’s a busy life, we forget easily, appeasing indefinitely, watching the doom grow,

escaping into ourselves, we fill with sound bytes, that sound all right,

we switch off emotionally, leaving empty caverns everywhere, till our heads fill again,

then it’s time to unload, medical kit or prescription medication, ,

then we begin to race more, speeding to and fro, ignoring where we come from,

world shrinks all around us, used to be a safe environment,  remember what it was before,

forgotten altogether, that we are sun children ever more…


When you write words that move the heart, you are making love to the universe


When you move the heart you are calling out to God


When you cheat on love you unravel inside..



The straw that broke the camels back wasn’t any stronger than any one before, and the child who prayed the unforgettable prayer, was a tear so far, but also a blessing in disguise.





light appears

heart soars

mind wonders

fear grows

combination of awe

astonishment rejoicing,

God Most High

among them

hearts sigh

inner well being

removal of fear

promise of returning

day is near,

preparation made


the revelation

wonderful occasion,

holy spirit pouring out,

radio’s play joyful music

young brash confident,

great tradition.

the religions cement,

no time for division

pointing or accusations

simple reflection

it’s Easter friends.


God Most High sent his son

Human nature killed him

brought back to life,

forgiveness by father

indication of what is expected,

for awful punishment dealt`

to the one most holy among us,

God of heaven and earth so patient

thoughtful to us all,

proper we try to assume his way

before we end it all,

so many methods actions

too many to list in any event,

Easter season of forgiveness

love fraternity redemption ,

should be Easter every weekend,

mothers day too,

Christmas day too,

valentines day,

father’s day,

children’s welfare day,

women’s day,

for God is with us every day,

don’t just imagine it

don’t have to anymore,

check the image of the man,

need a pair of glasses buy two

give one pair away`

to someone who needs them,



Do people ever learn he thought, sitting there in front


Of the box, just looking at it, like a brain washed


Lunatic, nopsey dopsey for sure he thought, shaking his


head, not in disbelief or dismay, not even upset.


This was just another day, like the day before, and


Probably tomorrow too he yawned. But something stirred


Him, as they got his attention. Their TV faces all


looked the same too.  There was no make up artists on


this set, not last second touches as you’d expect, when


faced with the glare of loud TV lights. Action!. He


imagined some film director shouting at them all, run,


run he shouts as they flee forwards freedom.


Au natural as they say in france, without a hint of make


up, just hope. But when did asylum seekers ever matter.


Well no reporter was rushing over to them with a


microphone or camera man in tow, asking their opinion.


Refugees have no value whatsoever he conceded. He


Returned to a cup of coffee he was drinking, taking a


thirsty slug, lucky me he thought. It could have


Been running through that tunnel and the police after


me. Asylum seeking, the new reality TV program. Lots of


Ideas crossed his mind, once the TV went dumb and read


Zero, now that it was on a break. Till the next time,


Till the next time he moaned, referring to the next time


Whatever the next time was, or would ever be, as he for


ever tried to figure out, the why, there had to be a


reason for this human business of self cruelty.