Second Time Wisdom

the difference between wining and losing, loving orIMG_5757 abusing seconds. Solomon was putting love into perspective in accordance with ancient wisdom and modern living. To insist on being first, was stating the case for the self, as loving is giving of oneself, it meant you had to come second, and coming second meant suspending your ambition in favour of a greater goal. It was the teaching of Jesus, and it was shrouded in the parables, being first wasn’t the goal, as being first insisted on a mind set, that didn’t agree with being second, simple as it is, Solomon understood this in a far wider context than the plain words he was using. In a world that divided itself according to class and other forms of difference, coming second had consequences. It had inherent wisdom, coming second. Because mother’s put their children first, coming second wasn’t a problem, it was natural. But teaching others to put others first would, if preached and practised, have wider consequences that were trans-formative, particularly for religions. Believers in God Most High were all seconds, and seconds in reality. Being born again was the second birth, being born again meant eternal life, being second allowed those with addictive minds to cure themselves. it made forgiveness a little bit easier, it made sharing easier, made love much stronger. Men just had to learn it, as women seemed to be born with it, and perhaps, it solved the ego issue across the world, a second. Solomon sighed, far more than they could imagine possibly, a second, being second cured most ego problems too…made loving so much easier for everyone too….did she remember…

Love to Dream

The love dream is a living prayer that no one can impeach or lower, can only be improved upon unlike the rest of creation, it is something that emerges from the human heart, and it’s power has no equal or measure, simply the wisdom of experience mixed with the courage to believe, sanctioned by the actions of our own lives, given to us by the holy spirit to implement if we please, they say the power of the dream is our unconscious when it becomes real,  no other influence that arises in our lives is more honest than the dream we have inside, we clutter our hearts with love of many types but we over shadow it’s influence, when we infect our minds with poor judgement and lack of common sense, this is clearly evident in the desires of so many of the population, we chase the dream of our glory too often and not the dream of a better life, God in his wisdom bestowed us with prophets great talents and wisdoms, together it should have been enough to bring out the best in us not our own selfishness, so we are now at the cross roads of time and in many directions we can go, there is only one right path to chose here and it was decided many years ago, who would deliver the dream to enhance and improve the outcome of all, basically the dream of a child in the guise of a living human being, simply, the love dream is the only one that matters from here on out, banish the stuff that twists the minds and do it pretty fast, the will of God is the creation of heaven on earth and all that it brings, healing love compassion understanding and sharing among all, to dream this to reality you have to live the experience of it, many loving souls have, amen.,many who have been on the wrong side, many who have been born againImage, so dump your conceit and your better than others attitude and line up for Jesus Christ, amen, we are just servants of a higher order and to assume otherwise, is to side with the devil and the evil spirit, amen.

Story of Christmas – part 1



Much has been written about the sources of life on this planet. More has been written about the life of the one known as “Jesus of Nazareth”. Given the state of the world today and the many religious wars fought, either protecting it or promoting it, religion that is, a better understanding of Jesus is needed more today than ever before. Many prophets exist today, preaching and predicting. Condoning and conditioning, their own understanding of “Jesus Christ” their attraction, each one having a leaning towards a philosophy, none of them it seems able to offer an unbiased vision of Jesus, as a kind forgiving and sometimes angry man or woman perhaps, who lived to love and protect the most vulnerable, but all the time willing to see the good in everyone, even in the most difficult of times.

In a world torn apart by a mixture of greed lust apathy paranoia and fear, it is time that we put an end to the mess, and got ourselves singing off a familiar hymn sheet, so that we can follow a future that does not consist of global destruction by means of chemical, atomic, or human means – disease. As many prepare, to celebrate the birth of the Holy One, and there are prophets too, all divinely sent, it’s timely, to put in perspective, what the season means in it’s correct context, not the shopping experience, we have turned it into.

Great changes are afoot, we have witnessed the turmoil globally these last seven years, which has been a permanent feature, for many unfortunates, for far too long. Christmas, is the celebration of Love, and the birth of the redeemer, the one who died for us, and was resurrected again, by divine means. God is watching us closely, hoping, (and we have proof positive of this,) that we put into every day use, the gift given freely, to everyone of us. If it’s just a question of accumulating, this life gift, will account for no more that an extended shopping experience, as we are so good at promoting. The picture in the Sky, is possibly, the last post from a Heavenly father, check it out and pass it on, it just might save us, amen.



Harmony in Heaven

The squires of Heaven, busy again. Nelson Mandela is chatting up Whitney,

Elvis is teaching God Most High guitar, St Peter is doing the usual press release,

God is sharper than Eric Clapton, Elvis is stunned. You learned that in a minute, he says in that drawl, St Peter is a slow typist, Steve Jobs is showing him an apple, can I bite it laughs Peter,  That isn’t funny quips God. The mood among the gathering is high, the evil front is on the run, it’s total harmony, and the angels are moving easily, cutting down one by one, the threads of the evil web, in a matter of time there will be none.

One last push states God, they are getting it right down there, I haven’t laughed this much, his joy is as infectious as a cherished child, anyone with a special request he smiles, he’s ready to pour out his graces, a double dose of the miraculous is on, an Irish Monk, a celebrated preacher while on earth, fosterer of faith is centre stage,

He has his list of prayer requests, there are tears in his eyes, understands the hopes of many are coming through, he remembers some old friends, in particular a small bunch of cheerful nuns, they feed the poor and clothe everyone, they have a crisis in funding, and have been praying to Father Nivard, he’s long way from Tipperary, the old monk who preached so well. He’s a wink in his eye, a bottle of Irish whiskey in his hand, he can drink as much as he wants, doesn’t get tipsy anymore, no one ever in Heaven feels unwell.

He looks at Whitney, a hymn for an old man he wonders; she reads his mind and sings him Christmas carols instead.

How’s the boy doing down there, God looks at Peter, I sent then your instructions, he’s eating porridge as requested, and is being guarded as well.

Mother Christmas enters the den, she’s a former model, but is golden looking, is Irish of course, and she sings a duet every evening, with the honey voiced singer, Eva Cassidy as her back up.

The elders are assembled, waves of men and women, the dining room goes on for miles and miles, stretches , and the wine is being served. Johnny cash is giving a warm up performance, Otis Redding is waiting in the aisle, patience quips God, to Otis, this is going on for ever. John Lennon wants to get in on the act, you believe now laughs God, and you thought it was all imagination, it brings John to tears.