prescription alley

Cocaine fuelled opinionated and out there, rabbiting on with machine gun speed, treated like idols over the world, your children taking example from twisted minds, it’s an open secret in a fashionable world,  no police raids no political outcry, cause they depend on the fund raising of the few, a teacher appears in school, under the influence or such news, you’d be there, demanding something be done, blame them for child’s excesses,  and you’d think half right, . so much opinion relayed via mediae, why has nothing been done, to curb this alien influence,  you drive under the influence, you’re a danger to society, inflame other minds under the influence, nothing to get worked up about, what’s the reasoning for this, in front of your eyes, allowing criminals to grow rich, no wonder they smirk, it’s a joke you see, the say the war on drugs is a menace to society, well nothing ever was more true,  one  side of the equation usual zealots, waiting in the grass to snare anyone famous, they catch them they cry out, look at the great job we have done, it’s time up for those things they pursue, really. If there is a brain out there, please respond before it’s too late, cause it’s prescription alley where all the damage is done.Image