Turkey’s for Eternity

TFT, they read the sign, Eternity this way, they followed the signs. First you must drink loads, upset your family, your neighbors and your friends, having accomplished this, they send you to platform One, there is a train for turkey’s heading for Eternity, they have been selected. They are fat and over fed, they are weighed down with matters, that won’t have any meaning at all, how do my feathers look dear.

Turkey’s for eternity this way, the porter carries their luggage, the train hiss’s on the platform, steam is rising. Behind barbed wire a small robin looks on, all he can see, hoards of turkey’s heading for Eternity, it’s something he’s seen before, it was just that he was too young to notice, the spectacle is all he can see. The days have passed he is years older, it has more significance for him today.

Turkeys for Eternity, yes, you will be fed once you get there, they continue to mount the train; in the background all you can see are turkeys, all heading the same way, for eternity. The robin flies home to his nest, mentions the turkey sight to his mother. Where are they heading Mother, do they ever come back, she thinks a little, then answers, Son, they are the turkey’s for Eternity, amen.

Eternity Restaurant, we serve for ever!

Domestic Bliss

She runs to the shelter, there is no space, she goes home again gets her faced pushed in, no resources available to tend to her needs, while 25 trillion rests off shore, the story goes on, the children witness the slaughter, their minds forever spoiled, this is love the little boy thinks, does the same when the passions run dry, many years later it’s repeated. Solomon was asking, the emotional words that pour out, the tears in the eyes, the TV cameras and the lies, a tissue, a wipe and they are forgotten, till the next opportunity arrives. The shelter cost so little to run, volunteers mostly, and help from the government, well, when families break up the economy thrives, why put an end to such a thing, it will cost us jobs as well. Solomon sighed, they could have purchased the opium crop in afghanistan for a tiny fraction of the security budget allocated, cost jobs there too if they ever did something about it. Send them a message dear Father. Solomon read the warnings, the time was now, put an end to the extremists and let families live again.

Meanwhile, so many talent given souls fill the off shore hideaway with their spoils, while the small child cowers in the corner, his little hands over his eyes, while Dad beats mammy to a pulp, what a legacy to leave given the talent freely received, amen.


Tyrants money launderers off shore experts the Davos elite, all meet in a secret location, sky watching been reports of events way up high, thought we controlled space down here replies a voice, mutterings and more mutterings don’t sound so arrogant now, results against them everywhere what can we do,  what can we do enquires a fully paid up member of the group, we are supposed to be in charge down here, what am I paying all these fees for, I was assured we controlled everything, small round man with devilish eyes smiles and rises, the spaceship building program is ahead of schedule good news, a security man walks in what’s going wrong, goes straight to the top of the room, please rise for the Lord God Most High, in seconds they are all turn to ash and a withering mess, bar the one with the devilish eyes, game over Charlie smiles God Most High I won the game, set and match. Suddenly the world over there is an outpouring of joy sun smiles, women trapped everywhere are set free, and they thought it would never happen, Hollywood ending is a fairy tale come through, God goes back to his safe haven turns of the movie channel, sky of course, Peter he calls out, St.Peter comes rushing in, yes chief he smiles, he’s happy cause all he has received these last few minutes, were prayers filled with love and thanks, You want to see it again don’t you, are we not all children in the long run, he presses the remote it’s the opening scene of that movie you can’t forget, Casablanca, tell Humphrey I said thanks quips the great one, as Peter departs. The old saint looks back tears in his eyes, when the boss is watching re runs of old movies, he understands it to be good news, Christmas day all over again, would you believe it, amen.Image