One Day

The room is full of machines, she is lying on the bed, slowly in recovery from the shock, a shopping trip, she ends up at the hospital instead, the change in circumstance. Life changes so suddenly, she is unsure, strangers about her, a friend enters the room, she breathes a sigh of relief. There is a real conversation, what happened the friend says. She looks at the machines before continuing. I felt dizzy, and must have blacked out. Her friend sighs to herself, no slur in the speech, no stroke.  The two friends look at each other; they have been partners for a long time, doing everything together. What would I do if anything happened you she says, the visitor. One change and we are all affected, are we selfish to think this way. One day your buoyant and going places, the next day your a stone in the wall, someone else is leaning on you. Experience is like that. All the pebbles, the days that seemed nothing, now lying there, she is glad to have an ordinary day, any day free from the machines. If she walks away on her own steam she will be satisfied.

Solomon heard news of a friend who had a sudden health change. The circle of friends had lost a cog, and while it is temporary, it’s still a hole in the circle. The roles we play in life, the harmless seeming moments, when a regular stranger stops by and enjoys the company, respite from a crazy world. How the Spirit needs a rest from the drama’s of the world and the failure of many of the religious to understand the basics of Spiritual needs. One day they would hopefully understand, amen.

It happens, the sudden changes, the appeal to God Most High, the call. Do we hear the cry of the emigrant, or did we turn our eyes away when we saw the poverty on the street, embarrassed to look in case it was a disease you could catch. One day, the question will be on all our lips, could we have done more.

coliseum Times

Into the arena they stagger

Millions watch from all over

Who will fail their desire

They don’t have to wait long

Let the games begin

Another joust starts up

Egged on further and further

Till one of them falls

Shouts and screams get louder

Body dragged out and buried

There is a lull all round

Music begins game on

Another thrill another spill

Entertainment is great

Who’s the next bait

Higher and higher

Perversion is now normal

But the screaming is louder

God watches the games

Shakes his head in shame

Must do something he surmises

Where they heading he realises

Coliseum times all over



image of man


Every character flawed,

why expect perfection,

every religion biased,

why is it a problem

Everything in the world,

except nature,

man made,

carved out of ideas,

 nature goes astray

mankind at work

We grab issues,

 keep  the game,

start a protest

a week later

something else

moving the process

 opening the minds

world is changing

click of a mouse,

 the conflict zone,

with the coordinates

 use a drone,

star wars nice distraction,

using communications start wars,

 nosier when everybody knows

 the fox in the hen house

 except the hens are armed

There are flaws in everything,

Any valiums dear,

prozac will do,

even a few sleepers,

no child can handle

internet TV mobile phone

social trending exercise friends

not forgetting porn,

 prescribed pills as well,

stop pretending

because you have security,

they had that in Iraq,

Syria, Afghanistan Vietnam

Congo Zimbabwe Greece

 many other places too

 time to start over again

 image of man

needs re invention

Image amen