God is a just judge

Undermining emerging democracies, encouraging tyranny, selling guns to unstable leaders, acting like a gangster, forcing those under your influence, to follow your orders, removing leaders who disagree with you, selling propaganda to millions, listening only to those who have money, the crimes of humanity are many, and lessons are taught regularly, the repeat offender syndrome, we got away with it so often, worry, we are invulnerable too, expanding, sell new product to the customer, using bankers to disguise the money trail, crushing dissent,and now the question, what sort of society does the above paragraph represent, here are the options, no need to worry about winning a prize, it’s just a quiz.

International Terrorism, International tyranny or your home country, which one do you choose. God is a just judge, imagine how your nation fares in this, and if it looks like a thorough conviction, maybe it’s time to encourage healthy compassion, before it goes too far, amen.