As one body united there is nothing you can’t get done, his words were strong and the audience was astounded, for years they had been treated as mere slaves nothing more, but they had the history of Moses to rely on, remain in the zone of true love, and the Mighty God of Elijah, Moses, Abraham, Joel, Isaiah will protect us, those were the words he spoke. My Father comes from a land far from here, and this is his eternal promise. The Elders didn’t like the words of the fiery prophet, he came from nowhere, well, nothing good every came from his town-land, but his message was freedom, if they could be trusted. Your child is sick, well, have faith, and he will be healed, your demons will be destroyed, you will be set free, all you have to do is love, as I have loved you. The older pharisee’s, the local power-brokers, didn’t like the attention this man was receiving, we have to get rid of him, but because he was under the divine protection of God Most High, he was able to evade them, and could have destroyed them, he only had to ask his father. But there was a bigger issue at stake, the faith of many believers, the fate of heaven on earth, the demons greatest fear!.

Solomon was reminding himself of the threat love posed, to those who sought to control it, and how it ended up becoming a dangerous pursuit. Remind them he prayed, those who tried to dismiss the real power of Love, as was known, not the hybrid version so many put up with. He prayed for the easing of storms, he prayed for enlightenment, he prayed for others, and the results were there for all to see. The deceivers were now under the divine radar, and those taken in by those masquerading as good, were getting instruction in divine reality, amen.

Keep the Head

Marie Antoinette and King Louis, all their friends, close relatives in fact, associates and advisers too, later after layer of them, lived the good life to excess, very happy in deed, let them eat cake she pleads, toast of the world, even feted to this very day, splendor we still admire, they indeed had great style, their lives a reminder, of all that can go wrong, lessons in love, don’t ignore endings, it might cost you your head, be happy but responsible also, wisdom is dispersed to be used, not funneled in one direction and abused, not shared we all loose, choices are made, on these we rise or fail, worm feast or heaven, God makes sure to feed the birds, everyone hasImage including those above, amen.

God’s is watching us

Reasons to believe, counted yet, the number of breaths you are given, the body you inherited, the love you are born with, bet the heart hurts occasionally, why you wonder, if your only a machine, well if you’d seen what I have seen, you’d be not so sure, see the image posted, the man in the sky, suppose you passed it onto friends, hardly, your just imagining a fraud, what would they assume, a believer, Jesus had the same problem, your in good company, no it’s the light can’t you see, I was counted with the dead, this day many years ago, I was just growing up, the good lord obviously thought a lot, of the potential, that’s in all of us, something that is too easily  forgotten, hard to contemplate, given the material stuff we are tempted with, as if you can throw it over the shoulder, and bring it along, something the pharaohs tried to do, didn’t go as planned, nor for the slaves buried with them, belief it’s a strange thing, yet we are so tame, when it comes to standing up, apologies excepted for not being serious, I woke up many years ago, twiddled my toes and did it feel great, they assumed I was gone, was given a second life, this blog is my gift of thanks, to the One who saved me, and the prayers of many, could you ever imagine, and believe me, I can imagine better than most, well, I have a damned good imagination, it’s how you use it that counts, amen.  Best dreams in the world, come straight from the heart, Image