Let it flow

May Day Love


not about me, love is not me, it can be about me, can be about you, and her and him,  evident in the smile of a young one, and do they recognize love,  have been taught to, before they are born, can you imagine that,  being born to love, we are born this way, it’s just love, how simple, impossible for many, to understand, pounded reminded everyday,  by media of otherwise, that doesn’t report love, bar the few channels that do, those who are wise, understand it, love is not about anyone, it’s the way the world was organised, it’s the one responsibility you can’t ignore, though many have tried, and those that can’t ignore it, sometimes find themselves caught, been hurt by love, go on to form addictions, in order to hide, but it never works out, as so many have found out, then there are those who sold love, a totally different lot altogether, one day they’ll have to account, did  they deceive themselves, God Most High, love divine, gives the gift of love, we ourselves, our own natures, fall prey to other intentions, we climb the ladder, often fail in love, the outcome of which, the splintered world we live in, it’s the beginning of May, the year is 2014, perhaps it’s time to learn again, put the smile on, let the heart tingle, watch the joy of giving, begin to feel good, once you get into the swing of love, it’s self fulfilling, it becomes you, just love, and when you do, there is nothing to depress or upset you, cause all that just love you have inside, has an outlet, the same way a river runs into an ocean and life is returned to the sea, just love, could anything be simpler, of course, when you try to control it, does it not fall to pieces, he died,Image her love came alive again, ever wonder why, let it flow, amen.

Great Drama

Never late always in time,

heart sighs she worries inside,

what could be the reason for the great delay,

it’s been five minutes

and she’s five minutes early,

the excitement of love

and the panic it creates,

then again,

are we not all part of a great drama when we love,