Blood Thirsty Man

Another, he’s drinking it, she gives him a refill, is he able, monitors his progress, is he responding, another, he’s a real drinker, but he’s remaining calm, the flow is steady, he doesn’t gulp it, just absorbs it, we’ll need to go to the warehouse shouts another, will he ever stop it, he’s a blood thirsty man. Eight pints later, he has had enough, we haven’t had one of those in awhile, time out, she steps out the door, a cigarette to ease her tiredness. Being a nurse, she’s seen it all, they come in, broken, the lucky ones go home mended. An old surgeon, with the touch of God, all carers have that affect on you, they do what they have to do, and they don’t look beyond or carry bias, they understand, your color, race, where your from, the neighborhood or the ghetto, all bodies are the same, inside you have a soul. Some good will come out of it, they hope, even if you are a blood thirsty man. Nurse, give us another will ya, bring extra, this one will make it out, amen.

Solomon smiled, he soaked it up one night, made a promise of eternal gratitude, and was still able to laugh about it, and how it felt to be that blood thirsty man, amen. On the day of recall, he met a friend in the lift, a happy man, with difficulties, nothing is impossible he smiled.


In My Way…

He side steps, doesn’t notice her, doesn’t notice her eyes, if she smiles, the frowns, way she dress’s, nothing, he notices nothing at all, he’s programmed, a robot, she has nothing he wants, she’s in the way. He stares across the counter, wonders what he needs, will he buy her a gift, will he buy some wine, will he, well if he wants something he usually gets it, that’s his way.  Modern successful man with ambition, everyone is in his way, can charm as good as Donald, builds up the network, works it day by day, if you are of use to me, well that’s the way the world operates he says, all busy just don’t get in my way. his relationships, they have never been successful, his children tell him what to do, his wife threatens to divorce him regularly, she’s got a good job doesn’t need his support, but he brings out the thrash and is warm on those long cold winter nights, no wonder, he wants it his way, some of the time.

looking for an excuse, you will be blinded by the options, there are so many who just want to blame someone, someone just as you, and me, and him and her, Donald

trump if you are a democrat, Hillary if your the other side, God if your an insincere prayer, it’s just one big circus out there. Solomon was reading an article, the outrage at what, last years hurricane victims forgotten, the fifty million killed in world war two, faintly a memory now. It starts with beginnings, and today was and is, the beginning,  amen.


There’s a bully in the neighborhood vulnerable children too, there’s a corrupt politician andIMG_5755 an organisation running them too, the one you have to depend upon, what  is it that you do, choices,

we face choices every day we live, what sort of action is there for you, do nothing and pretend seems great,  accept it and become cynical like the rest, focus on family career focus anywhere but there,

there’s a media that relies on the politician, there’s a media that supports the organisation, there appears to be nothing you can do, imagine being in the middle of such a situation, imagine being audacious enough to even try,

imagine the support of God at such a difficult time, imagine what the organisation and politician would say, choices, imagine the politician the media and the organisation, all plotting to undermine faith in God Most High,

imagine them creating situations to suggest such things, imagine the affect it would have on your faith, imagine the secret organisation that works behind that force, imagine them holding high office all over the place,

imagine them planning wars and dividing economies, choices, imagine anyone in their ranks trying to get out, imagine the consequences of any whistle-blower, imagine him trying to tell his story of truth,

the evil web is an organisation of shirted men and threat, we’ll send your economy to the bottom Charlie, you’ll never get a job we’ll see to that, choices, sometimes you have a choice sometimes you don’t,

sometimes it’s easier to suggest this is all fairy tale, choices, how often did you hear there’s nothing you can do, then imagine this, and it’s 100% REAL, you explain your stuff to the God you have encountered,

and after a lot of grafting he sends in his angels, sends in helpers of all styles and professions, imagine the news for the corrupt few and their assorted crews, who out of the blue suddenly have to face examination from Above,

some choices are hard made some efforts not worth it, but occasionally in that one in a billion chance the message gets through, when the Mighty God of Heaven is alerted fully, makes heaven on earth a very real possibility too,

and that’s the sort of news that shakes the tree of evil, choices. When men and women of integrity stand up, the world listens!

Patrice Mulumba

Patrice Mulumba