Time 2021, October..

Star Trek, the old series, Captain Kirk is making his log entry, his thoughts, the prospects for the enterprise, alien life, how do they see us humans, is there friendly types out there. The hand-piece, that is now our modern day communicator, the space station in the sky, the departure of probes to far off planets, one would say, that the human race has put an awful lot of effort into finding out, if there is life outside of the planet earth, even if cave walls from ancient times, show vividly, space type ships marked into the walls, reminders to us, telling us, there is.

Now, the probe is turned inside out, and it’s looking at us, how we on the planet are doing, how are we as custodians, can we be trusted to maintain the life giving planet, or will we allow our egos’ to overcome us, therefore drowning out the Spiritual power that gives life to everything, as love can’t exist in a vacuum, it’s living, alive, how do we care for it.

Modern day report of captain Kirk;

“the human race is in the midst of a spiritual war. There are those who hold sovereign, the power from on high, but they have been yielding space to the dark spirit, that has to consume to survive, meanwhile, the resources necesary for life, dwindle, faltering water supplies, while dead knowledge is being forced into tiny heads, how long will it last, or will they be able to turn it around, over and out.”

Meanwhile, the vanity industries thrive, if only life was a fashion show, how simple is that?