Thanking God

Thank God for the love that grows,

Thank him for the love he sows,

Every day in fact Thank God,

The birds the trees the fresh air we breathe

Thank him ever day for the gift of life

Thank him and only him do not deceive

Our universe our planet our lifetime

None of it belongs to us it’s just a lease

One day we’ll have to hand it back

Put effort into it and do not lack

And watch the love  grow and grow

Stand up for truth even if it hurts 

Childbirth is painful but the outcome is life

Treasure your children rear them with insight

Don’t corrupt their young minds

Don’t fill them with hatred and resentment

It’s a burden that you don’t need to fill 

Thank God and let them understand

 without him their life will mean nothing

To God the glory and our gratitude all the time,

imagine it a world without love,

purely meaningless,