Solomon’s Prayer for a Child

They let the little one down,  can’t say it any clearer, those sent to help, seem to have lost the plot, barriers everywhere and hoops, and the young spirit calls out, he is pleading for divine help, help me the call without delay, there are some too young to ask, haven’t got the education or insight, those depend on help, don’t have the knowledge inside.

Remember the days when it seemed lost, the days so many went about, spirit drowning, the great recovery when it seemed lost, the many blessings poured out from all the requests, the miraculous deliverance of many, without further hesitation I make my petition for reasons of love no other. The needs of The Spirit call out, your protective hand needed.

The  heart light makes delight in the heart of many, don’t’ allow them to extinguish them anymore,  little light, what would we do without it, the many decisions it will make in favour of Love, if protected and allowed to live peacefully, IMG_5757Do not let them deceive anyone, amen.

Solomon was copper fastening the divine help on it’s way, certain his prayers got the hearing they deserved. Scars crossed his body and heart, but it had been worth it. He was going to keep on pouring it out. The words of the great prophet Isaiah came to mind, and they were heard. Precedent was in his favour, and he’d made the world his neighbourhood, just to be sure. If they thought he was ill prepared, little did they know, amen.

Being Old

How lucky, listening, to the living, their version of history, from the source, not the stuff you read from historians, not the stuff in newspaper. Solomon was trying to get it across, old was wisdom, good bad or whatever, old wisdom, was trying to put it into perspective, wasn’t being distracted, the spirit was alive, in everyone. How to make the spirit rise, rather easy to, by listening, not passing time. The most focused hours of his life, in the company of an old man, and what he learned, stood to him to this very day. Being old, a form of untapped treasure, not a nuisance, putting a price on wisdom ,foolishness. Those that tried to infer, many who tended to the needs of the elderly, what did they know, their minds on the financial consequences only, assuming it was money, that drove everyone, the demon had a lot to answer for. When someone old, does someone a turn, or favor10625065_843108602407113_7473865519144813633_nche2, it actually lifts them, I’m still relevant, I’m needed, being old, it’s not all bad news, amen.

Voyage to Freedom

Road to freedom, she sighed, on board, her children by her side, hungry but hopeful, she smiled as the captain asked her to go below, they knew it was illegal, just trying to escape a living hell, she took the youngest in her arms, their father waiting for them, trying to provide a safe haven, to begin all over again, fleeing tyranny the so called righteous caused. With every voyage there is hope, there is risk, when escaping a living death, you will try anything, same way a junkie chooses the needle, only much worse.

The sea was rising,  boat swelled up,  unused to the water, they became alarmed, moved  like frightened sheep. Then tragedy struck, rest is history. Solomon sighed, their plight the result of corruption, the evil minded caused the wars, created the divisions,  meddlers and their patriotic cries, the Charlie brown syndrome, the war that finished the Afghanistan,  supported by opportunists, those looking after their own interests, a common book of wisdom would have achieved so much, the way a respected poet gets a good ear, the voice that resonates. IMG_5757

Judas Bait……. could be you

The angels were gathering, having been summoned, harvest time has arrived. The meeting place, a mountain retreat in the west of Ireland. It wasn’t the first summit, there were many in the past eight hundred years, in various global locations, Ireland the latest.

Weather being the topic at the previous meeting, the new topic was more serious, the status of love, to create and promote love. Every country on the planet was represented by an angel, some of them professionals, few of them politicians, not all of them nationals of the territory they represented. Henry Higgins for example, country and western star from Nashville, used his status to infiltrate the music industry, and had been doing that for over thirty years, mentored others in that industry, was something of a grandfather to the industry, been inducted into the hall of fame, had many such honours bestowed upon him, he used his visit to Ireland on tour as cover. He was the angel representing the music industry.

Andy Jones, internet guru, Australian. Had arrived in Ireland the previous month, used the cover of an Internet Conference as his reason for being in Ireland. Told colleagues back home, that having come ten thousand miles, he’d do a bit of sight seeing after the conference was over, visit certain companies in Galway, internet hub city, lots of new set ups there. He had dual representation, standing in as they call it, for the territory of Australia, while also representing the tech industry. He’d assumed the role of Australian representative, on account of the prior holder of that position, doing a u turn. Other examples of angel representatives and territories included the sexualisation industry.

Mary Denis, prostitute, high class, English, arranged for her agency to find her a client in Dublin, so called client wanted to keep her a month. Forty years old, she used her position to go undercover in the world of the highly privileged. She was a personal favorite of the chief. The chief liked hard evidence of the real person behind many of the masks worn by those called to lead by their nations, and their perversions. Everyone with a grave perversion was Judas bait, and a risk to all.

tweet tweet tweet

Twist move push return over down up it’s what life is all about, the efforts we make to smooth things out the stuff we try to forget, in the end it’s yourself you need to get over, face up to it believe it, it’s not the aliens we have to worry about, it’s the two legged monsters with the bit between the teeth, who go tweet tweet tweet, come on and learn something quick before life passes you by, how did we get to behave in such a foolish way, going around night and day checking the social network and the every minute tweet, sounds like the birds got the way right, living in the moment can be a great way to live, now and again you need to throw out the fear and go naked go without, but not spending your day going tweet tweet tweet, Gaga Madonna and thousands of other stars out there, the birds have more sense,IMG_5755 maybe Hitchcock was right after all, amen.

Heaven on Earth

Whose up there, whose looking down, can we control them, use blackmail then, find the weakness, everyone has one, old Chinese proverb, dumb them down, find them a cause, sort out the sparks, large crowd gathers, ambitious to the last, climbing over each other, trying to get a handle, hoping it will last, ant hill of humanity, political minded, heading where you wonder, God Most High smiles, something to cheer for,  honest souls among them, sends in the angels, gives clear instruction, wonders why the delay, children crying out, women in fear everywhere, demon supporters choking on conceit, diet for rest of life, corruption meter bursts, repairman sent to help, need a new one, start all over again, third time lucky smiles the Lord, the blessed trinity, united at last, if only life was a game, was to those who tore it asunder, to those who plunder, to the corrupt net-workers, ladder is now electrified, only good souls capable, sounds like heaven on earth tonight, amen.Copy of IMG_2498IMG_5757

Shrug of the Soldiers

Shrug of the soldiers, what can we do, stand back and watch, tribal war not there call, it’s in the regulations, they don’t have approval for it, Bosnia Rwanda and many other places too, the wonders of the regulations, follow them obey they get promoted on account of them, clap hands pat the back smile, accept the medal and awards, after all you followed the regulations, empathy died when the regulations triumphed, money become the God and only, everyone put a value on everything, soon women were valued and sold, and the process repeated itself across the globe, till all that was left were the regulations, cheer up there’s many in the boat with you, amen.

the regulations don’t include an emotional moment, but they support all who obey the regulations, God Most High is aware of the regulations too, and the treatment dealt out to those who tried to improve the regulations, namely, the long lost men and women, some famous, most of them ordinary and nameless, who made the effort to improve the regulations, amen. Hitler, many state governments, all of them actually, exist because of those who sold out love, and it’s something they ought to amend before the times come full circle, amen

Pass it on

Had a bad day, pass it on, hurt by love, pass it on, poorly treated, pass it on, when your young, you pass on experience, good bad indifferent, you pass it on, learn how to love, you pass it one, learn how to hate, you pass it on, the story of forgiveness, the story of happiness, you pass it on, some teachers inspire, some people run from love, there is always a reason, it’s something that is passed on, forgiveness is the story of wisdom, otherwise you pass the hatred on, the words of Jesus, do not allow the evil spirit room to breathe, it will destroy you if you do, pass it on, amen.Image




Wasn’t Christian, wasn’t Jewish, wasn’t one of us, was an example used by Jesus, I wonder why no one gets it, is there so much ego in the world, do you all want to be the boss, have you not got enough control, does it upset you if you loose it, are you the type who enforces the rules, do you enjoy seeing reputations ripped apart, are you always comparing, do you feel closer to God because of your religious beliefs, isn’t that a form of judgement in all reality, yes, no religious offering comes out of the global mess covered in roses, it’s why we had the Samaritan story, the stranger who came to the aid of the local, it’s not what label you wear, be it Sunday, Friday, Saturday, it’s not how you eat your food, it’s not what you eat, that’s all custom passed on, how you love is what it’s all about, and that’s who you are, it’s inscribed on your soul, the soul that only God’s Holy Spirit can read, and in order to help us bury our prejudices, God in his wisdom gave us the example of the stranger with the heart, and pointed out explicitly, that that was behavior befitting his children, so go away with your customs and practices, they don’t mean an iota if you don’t have the heart of the Good Samaritan, amen…People of God do not pass on hatred or resentment to anyone, and they never pollute children with hatred of others, they treat men and woman as equals, they give mothers the upper echelon, amen.