Fashion Talk

she sits she waits she begs she smiles, occasionally your eyes meet, she sits she begs she waits she smiles, her legs cramp, her body aches, she sits waiting, she begs she smiles, her face is marked, we pass her everyday, but no one notices anymore, fashion show of sorts, not the fashion you hope, trends for the future, imagine, begging one day, before God Most High, wonder what he’d ask you, did you walk away, questions about questions, and they say we can’t change, that’s pure fashion talk.



what is this addiction,

everyone’s got it,


the disease of a lifetime,

time we got  life back in us,

accepted the life allowed us,

obey bend go do sit down buy buy again,

a new face a new perfume,

a pair of sneakers, your esteem is at stake,

the neighbors have the new electric car,

 they’ll be thrilled for a while,

before the electricity bites,

what next a new …they have it,

we have it, it’s all right,

madness goes on, i got likes, more than you,

it’s the human form of heroin,


they used to be real stars,

now we are told they are,

something odd about the celebrity lot, 

part time celebrity i suppose,

blame your therapist instead,

blame God,did I say that,

it’s like waiting for a hurricane,

when it arrives we are shocked,

waiting for it excites us,

time to waken up.

someone important is listening,

a celebrity in fact,

will we ever get over it,

can’t take much more,

screams roars and more screams,

you’d think the Titanic was on fire,

what a bore,

this celebrity lot