The Same One he said…really..


I should be here, he is awkward, there are lights on the tree, the air is filled with joy, it’s made for children, the wonder and the surprise, Ahmed is surprised, they celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus, the same Jesus we pray to, why aren’t we having a celebration like this. His friend TJ is showing him his home, their parents are away, normally they would not be allowed to do this, the adults not allowing it, but since they are children, they don’t have any of this bias.

Solomon sighed, how barriers are so easily created, when a little wisdom could short change this negative approach easily. Children enjoying the promise of Joy, families and friends being a little more thoughtful, people more together than usual, the world a little warmer in some hearts. Jesus, it’s the same one, for all of us ,why allow a little dogma separate you from joy.  The rules we create that divide us and the walls we build around us.

Stuff we need to get right, amen.





The Wisdom of Jesus

get on with your neighbors, don’t carry resentment, forgive, be honest with love, use your life wisely, accept yourself as a gift, and be aware of the needs around you. It was all so simple. Beware of demons too, don’t give them space, don’t hate, and trust in The Father, he will send you the helper, but you got to believe, amen. and whatever you do, don’t worship idols. As for the Father, he is in everyone, so let love get the better of you, amen, the wisdom of Jesus, simple, straight forward, and as with love that is real, lasts an eternity. In the world of conflict tension and war, how many of them actually

believed the above, amen.


There’s a bully in the neighborhood vulnerable children too, there’s a corrupt politician andIMG_5755 an organisation running them too, the one you have to depend upon, what  is it that you do, choices,

we face choices every day we live, what sort of action is there for you, do nothing and pretend seems great,  accept it and become cynical like the rest, focus on family career focus anywhere but there,

there’s a media that relies on the politician, there’s a media that supports the organisation, there appears to be nothing you can do, imagine being in the middle of such a situation, imagine being audacious enough to even try,

imagine the support of God at such a difficult time, imagine what the organisation and politician would say, choices, imagine the politician the media and the organisation, all plotting to undermine faith in God Most High,

imagine them creating situations to suggest such things, imagine the affect it would have on your faith, imagine the secret organisation that works behind that force, imagine them holding high office all over the place,

imagine them planning wars and dividing economies, choices, imagine anyone in their ranks trying to get out, imagine the consequences of any whistle-blower, imagine him trying to tell his story of truth,

the evil web is an organisation of shirted men and threat, we’ll send your economy to the bottom Charlie, you’ll never get a job we’ll see to that, choices, sometimes you have a choice sometimes you don’t,

sometimes it’s easier to suggest this is all fairy tale, choices, how often did you hear there’s nothing you can do, then imagine this, and it’s 100% REAL, you explain your stuff to the God you have encountered,

and after a lot of grafting he sends in his angels, sends in helpers of all styles and professions, imagine the news for the corrupt few and their assorted crews, who out of the blue suddenly have to face examination from Above,

some choices are hard made some efforts not worth it, but occasionally in that one in a billion chance the message gets through, when the Mighty God of Heaven is alerted fully, makes heaven on earth a very real possibility too,

and that’s the sort of news that shakes the tree of evil, choices. When men and women of integrity stand up, the world listens!

Patrice Mulumba

Patrice Mulumba