She worries

The voices she hears,it’s as if they reside in her head, am i going crazy she asks. Others who are knowing recognize the confusion, others who are not her friends. The hunter and the prey, she seeks refuge, a place for her mind and heart to dwell. She is afraid to turn off the light. It only gets worse. She is afraid to mention her anxieties to friends. She has seen how others are taken advantage of.

In a coffee shop, her eyes wonder, seeking, there has to be help. After a along abstinence from visiting inside a holy place of worship, she decides to go in, it’s her last option. She berates herself; I must be desperate she sighs. It’s calm in there, a calm silence. Unsure about what to do, she decides to get on her knees. She looks at the statue of Jesus, I’ll pray she tells herself. She passes her worries over to Jesus. There is a tap on her shoulder, she is startled,there is no one around her, she looks at the statue of Jesus again, her heart begins to ease. I can tell you anything,can’t I, she begins to feel unburdened. After a good half hour she stops her petition and smiles, there is a lot in that she says, still smiling.

That night, she chances the darkness, while recalling the day and her attempts to receive help. The voices begin, she is about to fall apart again,but decides instead to ask Jesus to intervene on her behalf. When she begins her quite prayer, the voices disappear. In a nutshell, the demons are rendered mute when it comes to the power of the Spirit from on high, it’s their destruction potentially.

She learns she has a good friend in Jesus, and when she puts her trust in Him, her worries disappear, she worries no more, amen.