Indecent Proposals

Was that a Robert Redford movie!, no, indecent proposal she replied, what the difference an “S” makes, as becomes ass and so on, but because you didn’t say it, you qualify for the peter griffin school of political correctness. Can you see meg receiving her medallion for correctness. It does not matter what you really think, so long as you make the right noise when in the company of others, (and that includes no noises that others might find rude).

Then along comes a Spider, no, not Morgan Freeman, he’s busy making films, telling stories, I mean a spider, and he starts telling everyone what he thinks, spits it out, says it without reverence for anyone or anything, we call him Donald. He doesn’t like that sort of person, wants everyone perfect including women, has a penchant for well endowed blonds, not the first either, says what he thinks about it all, throws the dirty underwear on the table, admits to having some; to many it sounds like freedom, to others he sounds fear,; to the honest listener, he is simply revealing what the human race thinks of itself.

Solomon was a news regular, he listened. There was much strife in certain areas, that would not be allowed in other places. The victims as usual in these cases, don’t have access to representatives to speak up for them. They are at the mercy of aid agencies, and the media. The worst cases are highlighted, the story is decidedly sad, is full of hopelessness, as if there is no remedy to it in the long run. In a world that boasts about sending rockets into space, with their payload, how come, the same energy wasn’t poured into finding solutions to fairly normal human issues. Solomon wasn’t going to stand before God Most High and pretend; amen.


The Usual Suspects

Front page news, another look another view, celebrity rear ends, who’d do this to you, attention chasing perhaps, relapse back into rehab, posing is one thing, having a photographer stalking, rather frightening, what are they looking at, what’s in their minds, what do they want you to do, drool over your coffee this morning, imagine creating a living waiting for the shot, the editor hysterical cause of the pot, the extra thousands of viewers hone in, is that what it looks like, can you see anything there, are we all voyeurs,Image what does go on in the minds of so many, and they expect young children to view it too, on the front page some moral outrage, lift the covers and it’s a different story, do these people behave like corrupt politicians, or is their excuse the usual one, just doing what we are paid to do, the usual suspects what else do you expect, amen.

No Harm in That

failure to act,

fear of truth,

hidden meanings,

lack of you,

Passing the buck

Blaming others

Believing myths

Torturing emotions

Reality ignored

Ignoring past

Learning nothing

Expecting to renew

mind games

Disabling hearts

Closing your eyes

Pretending emotionally

That’s harm