Daphne Carauna Galizia

Journalist is blown to bits, investigating off shore corruption, and pay off, her death is reported, it’s another truth seeker cut down, during a week when the sexual interests of Hollywood’s elite comes into focus. Movies open our minds, they blur us, entertain us, and when it’s run it’s course, it’s replaced. Heroic journalist identifies theft, is aware how corruption steals from the poorest first, so she spends her life doing something about it. Every day, a new actress come forward, fills the airwaves. each day they get braver, more stories. All the while, the story of Daphne is pushed to the side. They all have accountants telling them, off shore is where it’s at, it’s legal and 100% safe, no walls, sound proof till death almost. So that’s where you stash the cash. The accountant is a Hero for giving them such great advice. The powerful and the elite hide the wealth in these places, tax wise, they don’t want attention drawn to this murky form of theft. They don’t want a repeat of the panama papers, who needs a global investigation into this legal form of theft.

Solomon imagined the time, when the off shore practices were banned entirely. That time was coming faster than a H


The Sex Life of a Flea

The botanist smiled, that will get their attention, everyone is addicted to it, every advertiser used it, and many, men women and children, were abused because of it. Sex. The rules of love for a common house flea, a mandatory visit to the bathroom, lots of stuff in there, attracts the female flies, a visit to the closet, lots more hiding in there, lunch time, a sugary treat, need energy to continue, back to the bathroom, more stuff, lots of others in there.

It’s the only word apart from Christmas that unites the races, the common denominator. Solomon smiled, if they start laughing at this,

it will take the biscuit. A woman goes to the doctor, my relationship is ebbing, he does not find me attractive, well, he doesn’t pay me enough attention. A man is getting advice on his new relationship, it takes time to make the current flow if you get my drift, if you are on automatic all the time, what does it say for you, all lit up in all the wrong areas looking for a place to go. The sex life of a common flea, i never thought that stuff was all that interesting. He read the headline, everyone will be giving it a second thought, what has this got to do with divine intervention and the creation of real love, nothing actually! amen.

St.Peter Smiles

Children denied basic needs,

is it a hurricane they need,

or change so dramatic,

mother nature on the case,

howling prayers from every place,

panic in the homes of the evil elite,

can’t control the output of the minds,

open season on those offensive to love

who can disagree with that,

St.Peter smiles loving it all,

he’s  hearing great news from below,

 been an outbreak of love,

it’s taking over the world,

there’ll be peace of heavenly proportions

 passes the news to the Great One,

we’ve found hope

in the most extraordinary of places,

they are singing everywhere,

God Most High listens in,

there are tears in his eye,

children smiling who haven’t for years,

to be just he remembers,

but that was years before,

we’ll give them another chance,

no rest for the wicked though,

whose lives continue to unravel,

Image amen.

We are the heart of God…


The love of the world is the heart of God, and when we love, God grows happy.

Sometimes it’s overwhelming, bizarre, but nothing in this world can be more

Pleasing, that feeling, the heart ache, it means your living for all the right reasons,

You feel the pain, you encounter joy, and reach places, that are unforgettable, and feelings that you dream of. Children are the biggest love pools out there, and when they fill with love, they shine, light up, watch the eyes of a happy child and the

Feeling of pure joy, and the tears God sheds, which is sun light. It gets better,

When you stay in the zone of love, God doesn’t want to ignore you, he ensures you

The company of angels, and your progress matters, cause God is all that is divine,

And Love is the only intangible that matters at the end of the day, as you put your

Head on the pillow, never alone even if you feel alone, you rest with the angels, and boy does that feel real damn good, try is sometime and prepare to be surprised. I have and it’s out of this world, just don’t forget to clean up as they say.Imagejoan