Old Friends, A Living Prayer

Daisy D gone to the world above, your kindness towards others inspired so many, Old Amo, your wisdom is still is use, that Spirit is alive too, Gerry W, you were so kind and patient, they all still miss you, enjoyed the wine and the banter, never a cross word, calm in a storm, there are few like you, Miss Philomena, you were the most active of angels, like your Father before you, and to all the others, so many great souls have passed to the world above, a harvest of goodness followed them. Being in the zone, Solomon was calling on the Great Spirit, the Father of Heaven and Earth, remember those who fell in your service, the Spirit you filled them with, is badly needed again on earth, the voices are calling out, Amen.

Solomon sighed, his prayers got heard, so why not ask, put in the request, you will get a fair old hearing. He asked for help, did what many considered impossible, if only he sighed, they had seen the Invisible. Don’t put a limit on your heart, use it. What good is all the tomorrows, when today is the only day that matters.

He sighed, his little friend, and all the children under threat, were getting help from the only source the demon feared, and that was music to his ears.


Just Once

ImageJust for once, opportunity of love, opportunity to forgive, one simple act, a simple prayer of unity, what’s the problem, everyone out there, are you listening, religious faith or indifference, for wisdom alone, for children alone, for some peace, dump the pride, forget the self, ignore the borders, poor or privileged, it doesn’t matter, color or creed, it’s so easy, put aside hatred, pretend if you can’t, but one day, is that so much, one day of unity, wherever you live, pray the one prayer, to the one God, is that so much, too many chiefs, all chasing power, all needing control, God Most High doesn’t need to go to specsavers, HE understands everything, your inner self, the real you, no escaping that, bruises warts hidden secrets, it’s on view, the entire you, get over it, one chance to renew, some are willing, they are very few, but the few willing, of all persuasions, sign up now, one good prayer, one to believe, great outcome guaranteed, eternity is waiting, start all over, a clean sheet, world is born again, not an opportunity to miss, it starts here, welcome assured, amen.


Easter Sunshine

The light appears the heart soars, minds wonder for some fear grows, everyone a combination of awe and astonishment, for all the believers a rejoicing, to realize that  God Most High will be with them, and it’s in their hearts he sighs, inner well being  removal of fear, the promise of his returningImage a certainty, and the Great day is getting near, preparation is being made to commemorate, the ending of the great waiting, it’s the revelation of the wonderful occasion, peace is pouring onto the streets, the radio’s play joyfully, young are brash confident, men and women  who believe the real  cement, not a time for division pointing or accusations, it’s a simple reflection on that great occasion, God Most High sent his son to live among us,  then brought him back to life, the forgiveness of the father indicative of what is expected from us, the awful punishment dealt out to the one most holy among us, if the God of heaven and earth can be so patient and thoughtful,  it is time and proper we try to assume his way of living, Easter the season of forgiveness love fraternity and redemption , perhaps it should be Easter every weekend of the year, mothers day too, Christmas day too, valentines day, father’s day, children’s welfare day, women’s day, in fact it should be remembered that God is with us every day, just imagine it but you don’t have to do that anymore, check the image of the man in the sky, and if you need a pair of glasses buy two and give one pair away to someone who needs them, amen.

old man

old man sits alone drinking his cans till their dry to the bone,

he reflects on his life and his service with the vets,

forgotten and alone we waits and waits for hours alone,

his chest full of medals brocades from numerous wars,

there was no point in all the killing and bloodshed,

his mind scarred and his life disturbed for many years,

there is is no winner in his story and not much good,

he drains the end of his last can and sighs heavily,

his arms worn his heart torn he wonders about it all,

the day they sang loudly the day he signed on for war,

old man still sits alone and no one listens,