What Am I Looking At!

Implants in the rear end, who wants to look at it, that’s where the other stuff comes out, who are you trying to offend, have you lost your marbles entirely, do you realize how stupid it has become, encouraging the young to view from the rear, when it’s the heart that means everything. Bend over and twist, it’s as if we are appraising racehorses at an auction, well it’s for sale is

what it’s saying, good enough, well label it honestly them, stop trying to confuse the world, after all, what am i looking at, amen.

Solomon sighed, if there was problems in the world, there are other places i should be looking for the answer. What did the almighty think of it, gifts, it all adds up, amen.

The Pride

It wasn’t a bunch of lions, not they aren’t proud, but the false pride of those who weasel their way through live, ignoring and oblivious to the harm they create, the path they lay, and the reward they later face, was anything but pride. The child was rightly proud of the Father, it was the only one he had, only father he knew, just the example, it wasn’t anything to be proud of, and following in the footsteps, the child grew into a man, and the old habits became him. The truth was not encouraging, he imitated the Father, and proud were not his achievements, it was mayhem. He saw his mother, afraid to speak her mind, assumed it was normal, that this was the way women behaved. Looking at the TV, reading a tabloid, he always made disparaging remarks about women, and wondered why he found love difficult to find, so much for the pride he had in his father, it was not worth imitating even though that was all there was to imitate. Good role models were getting rarer, and Solomon was listening to the hearts that were empty, and in that listening, he heard the voices within, amen.

We all want to win, we all want to come first, we all want this, we all want that, while love just wants you be be happy, and there is no pride in that, only wisdom, amen. Solomon listened to an older person talk about the curse of this or that, he listened closely, wondered if they understood the meaning of blessings, and how they were passed on. He’d precedent on his side. It was written in the ancient scriptures, it was written in the words of Moses, the false worship of idols, and what it can do for you. The false pride was a cul de sac that lead nowhere, a blind alley. He heard of old stories, where those with great spirit, encountered the organised evil of those with false pride, and how later on, the angels didn’t tread in certain places, because of the antics of those, who filled the places with false pride, we’ve been warned he sighed so often, just remember Moses

he sighed.

The Great Divide

Ten year old boy, hurt on his face, tears in his eyes, why did father die, the scene is a bomb crater, drone strike no trial, searching eyes tear laden, the camera’s on you, minutes later new story, but his distress will linger longer, calling it revenge, call it justice, an eye for an eye, left everyone blind, Jesus mentioned this, 2000 years ago, no religious leaders listened then, got rid of him instead, we’ve been blinding love since, putting numbers on what can’t be counted, dressing the world with fear,  pushing anxiety using propaganda, where do terrorists come from, came down from space eventually, the black  hole in the hearts, similar to that crater, bad decisions by elite dictators, the great divide is the world’s hatred, this is a matter of fact, young boy don’t loose heart, be better than those who hate, love them instead, the Lord of Justice and Love, The Spirit of God Most High, The change happening across the world, is the word of God in action, and all who hurt and love, in the middle of it all, amen.

The man in the Sky, is a picture that says it all, He has the cold hearted lined up, so bury your anger and hate, he will settle all accounts out there, love as Leonard Cohen said, is the only avenue for our survival, amen.Image