thud, you did it, no you did, slap punch blood, your dead, run home, get a gun, call your buddies, drink some cans,

fill up on anger, develop vile hatred, yeah, take another can, get a knife, make sure it goes deep, ready, out on the

street, where is he, car slams by, the guys, friends you don’t like, call them over, their life violence, where is the bastard,

search search search, where is he, and hatred grows deeper by the second. until you meet him, we’ll never do that

again, in goes the knife, twist it, feel his guts rip, face goes pale, he falls and dies, happy now, you got your own back, another 

beer, what a blast…. when we dont forgive, we tend to harbour deep seated anger, which eventually shows….Image

did you slap me, oh, why did he do that for, you go home, forget it ever happened, happy ever after…beats living in

prison the rest of you life, amen.


Object Theory



Measures everything, every part, contents of your fridge, size of your hips, object theory numbers location, size of everything, object theory, not what you complain of, it’s what you are made of, every single part, science trends buzz words, economic theory explanations,  measure the beast,  weigh it carefully, portion it select, slice to pieces, sell it off, object theory,  performed daily, in the minds of young children, object theory not something to stand on, when the sum of the body never can never explain the value of one, amen